Since all the check-in procedures will be done at the house, please choose the convenient time from below to make an appointment. (Please note:The house is unattended so you can not enter the house without an appointment.)
Then our staff will come and explain the house and equipment on your check-in timing.
1.3pm - 3:30pm
2.4pm - 4:30pm
3.5pm - 5:30pm
※Since we need to arrange check-in staff for each house, we might not be able to meet your request.
【About late check in】
※For guests checking in 11am-3pm, we can keep your luggage at the house. Please kindly understand that it is not possible to enter the house if the house is during cleaning time. Also, our staff will enter the house during 11am-3pm.
※For guests checking in after 6pm, we will send you check-in information by email so please let us know in advance.


쿠라야를 방문하시면 부디 낡은 기둥과 문을 만져보시기 바랍니다. 세대를 거쳐 교토인의 삶을 지탱해주던 마치야(町家)가 그 옛날 본연의 모습을 지키며 별장으로써 재탄생 하였습니다.

쿠라야 기요미즈고조
藏や 清水五条
쿠라야 오오미야시마바라
藏や 大宮島原
쿠라야 카미고조초
藏や 上五条町
쿠라야 센본산조
藏や 千本三条
쿠라야 난세이초
藏や 南聖町
쿠라야 주라쿠다이
藏や 聚楽第