Experiencing the Lifestyle
of “Work-Living-Environment-in-One”,
rooted in Kyoto

“When making new things, it’s sad to see the old getting cleared away” says Kyoto’s tin workshop, Seikado’s seventh generation owner, Genbei Yamanaka, seeing that while the tourism industry in Kyoto is hustling away, its traditional architectures are being torn down.

“I want to cherish and keep the history and culture that runs in Kyoto, and pass it on to the next generation”. Yamanaka’s hope coincides with Kuraya’s belief of preserving the original structure of the Kyomachiya and renovating it, making it into a townhouse that has the convenience and comfort of modern age.

Located in
Kuraya nanseicho's
East Building

Having that bond, Seikado’s atelier has been placed in the eastern building of Kuraya Nanseicho. Guests staying at this townhouse will be able to enjoy Seikado’s collections and items as interior accessories, as well as observing the atelier.

Meet with craftsmen
with craftsmanship

By meeting a skilled craftsman, listening to the pleasant “working” sound and feeling at close the craftsmanship, we hope you will experience the “Work-Livin-Environment-in-One” lifestyle rooted in Kyoto’s culture.